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Bongiovi Acoustics names Mighty Music as the first record label to partner with DPS

Montreal, Qc., Canada / December 15, 2011

Today U.S. based Bongiovi Acoustics joined forces with Mighty Music and its artists, to promote their Digital Power Station™ software Plug-In. Mighty Music is an independent record label based in Montreal, Canada, owned and operated by Eric Dick and Celleste Dumouchel. The Bongiovi Acoustics' patented DPS™ is a software Plug-In which dramatically improves the power and clarity of your computer's existing sound system, iPod, iPhone, or anything you connect to it.

Recently featured on "The Ellen DeGeneres Show" and receiving 5-star reviews from major publications such as "Macworld", the Digital Power Station™ technology may already be experienced in iHome consumer electronic products, JVC mobile audio, Toyota cars, and now is available as a downloadable Plug-In for PC and Mac computers, as well as an iPhone app.

“Speaking as a producer, engineer, and mixer, the Bongiovi name has always represented the absolute summit of sound," said Eric Dick, co-owner of Mighty Music. "I'm really honoured that our label was chosen to be affiliated with such an icon in the business." Mighty Music is the first record label Bongiovi Acoustics has partnered with since the launch of their DPS Plug-In.

"The music business is changing ever-so rapidly, and we strongly embrace this evolution," said Rob Roy, VP and National Program Director at Bongiovi Acoustics. "We have entered an age where independent record labels can really leave their mark, provided they are at the top of their game and putting forth the utmost in quality. Mighty Music is one such label which clearly exudes this quality in their artists and music, and we look forward to a fruitful relationship together."

With its Digital Power Station™, Bongiovi Acoustics is confronting the current online environment’s degradation of sound quality head-on. "I have yet to hear Mp3 audio sound


this good," says Mighty's Eric about the DPS Plug-In, "it's like having a single-button mastering suite at your fingertips… amazing." In the industry’s online music distribution, the MP3 and other highly compressed audio formats have provided portability and distribution benefits, but at considerable sacrifice to audio quality. The Digital Power Station™ compensates for the loss of material in these formats with active signal processing that extends audio bandwidth and adds missing harmonics without adding peak output to the signal. It effectively improves brightness, clarity and presence and delivers deeper, more resonant bass and crystal clear highs. Plainly put, the Digital Power Station digitally re-masters audio in real-time for your hardware and your environment.

"We are incredibly excited to be a part of this great product, and expect great results while helping to raise the industry's audio standards and rejuvenate the digital music sphere", added Eric.

Bongiovi Acoustics joins award-winning internet jewelry retailer as a partner to Mighty Music's growing family.

About Bongiovi Acoustics & DPS: The unique DPS technology was conceived by award-winning recording engineer and producer Tony Bongiovi. His legacy began in 1977 when he built the world’s most famous recording studio, Power Station in New York City, home to such acts as Paul McCartney, Madonna, Sting, The Rolling Stones, and countless other industry icons. Tony, along with the Bongiovi Acoustics team, have worked together for over a decade to bring the DPS technology to the marketplace, and now it is here.

About Mighty Music: Mighty Music is an independent record label specializing in all aspects of artist development, including producing, recording, web design, video production, photography, marketing, promotion, and management. Their roster currently features Celleste and Sheli Stevens, with two new artists scheduled for release in 2012.

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